Lawyerlex offers complete advising services to professionals and SMEs. These services include everything your business may need to carry out your daily activities. At Lawyerlex we are well aware of the difficulties involved in running a business or performing a professional activity. Nowadays businesses require more work and dedication to progress. For this reason, we can see to the legal questions so you can dedicate your time exclusively to your business.

derecho-mercantilDo you need to change the legal form of your business to adapt it to the current economic situation? We will find the most appropriate form of company for your needs (notarized documents, assemblies, drawing up minutes, increases and decreases of share capital, etc.)

Some of your clients don’t pay you and this is endangering the solvency of your business? Your company is undergoing economic difficulties and you need a viable solution? We will find the best legal solution for your case (arrangement with creditors with an agreement or with liquidation, dissolution and liquidation of the company, etc.)

At Lawyerlex we will file any judicial and extra-judicial claims that are required so you can focus on running your business