Family models are changing. The idea of a traditional family is no longer the only concept. It coexists with new family structures that contemplate numerous scenarios. These new family structures need the coverage of legal professionals: single-parent families, new types of matrimony, common law couples…

Families today require a specific judicial vision that is different for each case. Our firm is sensitive to these changes


Perhaps the most relevant modification that has come about in cases of family breakdown is the incorporation of the father in the care and custody of his children. Our firm supports this change which considers the possibility of obtaining joint custody in those cases where this is more beneficial for the children.

Success in cases of family breakdown consists of obtaining an agreement “made to measure” that is the most beneficial agreement for the children and, at the same, the fairest one for their parents.

Our philosophy is to avoid going to court, if possible. We have psychologists who work with our firm offering our clients a complete service of family mediation and support.

However, we are aware that couples cannot always reach amicable agreements. In these cases we offer legal advice and defense that is fit to each case.