Did you get those “expected and promised improvements”?
After the operation in question, did you suffer additional serious and severe damage?

negligencia-medica-esteticaIf so, we recommend you file a claim for damages so you can be totally indemnified (compensated for the consequences and all of the damage caused due to medical negligence as well as the expenses you incur for additional, costly treatments).

In the case of COSMETIC SURGERY, the obligation to give medical information is particularly important because the patient has the right to know what the risks are in order to evaluate them properly and, based on that evaluation, consent to or reject the operation.

Many models of informed consent are incomplete standard forms. Remember: each patient is different and the consent may not be the same for every case.

Our Firm will try to help you get a full and total indemnification for the damages caused due to medical negligence.

Our dedication and perseverance are a sure key for you to get the results you deserve

Were you the victim of medical negligence in cosmetic surgery?
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