negligencia-medicaVery specialized advice and the intervention of different professionals: attorneys and independent medical experts who are versed in Healthcare or Medical legislation and medical science are absolutely necessary in order to file a claim for a medical error or negligence.

Our firm has well-trained specialists and experts in practically every medical field. They work with us to assist, analyze and advise the patient affected by a reportable error or negligence, all in the most efficient manner. Our attorneys coordinate with these healthcare professionals so we can offer the party affected by a medical error or his/her family members a clear and comprehensive response.

Our study of the viability of the case, based on the initial documentation and data you give us, is free of charge.

We will look out for your rights in order to obtain complete satisfaction with regard to the damage you suffered. Given the characteristics of this type of case, we guarantee that you will always be treated with the sensitivity, care and tenacity that this type of case requires.

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