We offer complete legal advice in the fields of Labor and Social Security Law both to individual workers and companies.

Our professional activity is based on the following principles:

  • COMMITMENT: We will remain committed at every moment to the worker or employer with our total interest and a close follow-up of their problems.
  • TRUST: We believe in complete mutual trust between client and attorney.
  • QUALITY: We are convinced that quality is synonymous with superiority and this is why we offer our clients the highest quality services.



We will analyze your company’s labor situation free of charge and we will be at your total disposal so you can focus on what’s important: Your Business. An SME manager must always be up to date and we will periodically inform you of all of the relevant legal-labor aspects. If you are interested, please ask about our Labor Auditing service. If you are looking for a Legal-Labor Consultancy firm in the RETIRO/SALAMANCA area, do not hesitate to contact us: 917 553 448.


Were you dismissed? You must file suit immediately. You only have 20 days so you must act quickly. Our attorneys in Madrid are specialized in dismissals and they will help you with yours by taking all of the actions required and managing the situation with your best interests in mind.

Have you been a victim of harassment or mobbing at work? Contact us and our labor lawyers will guide you through the steps to take. Harassment at work can put you in a very delicate situation. For this reason, you must count on the assistance of professionals who are used to managing this type of circumstance.

Has your company modified your labor conditions without consulting you? Our labor lawyers will advise you. Remember that your company can unilaterally modify your labor conditions but only within certain limits and only if specific conditions are met.


Were you dismissed based on objective grounds? The first thing you must do is get the advice of a labor lawyer who will tell you if you can file suit against the dismissal. You only have 20 days so you must act quickly and not miss the deadline.

Does your company owe you back pay? Do you think your paycheck is incorrect? Contact us.

We will help you file a claim at the Fogasa (Wage Guarantee Fund). If your company is insolvent for any reason, the Wage Guarantee Fund is the body in charge of paying the amounts the company cannot pay, although within certain limits. The time limit to file a claim is very brief, 1 year as of the date when insolvency was established.